2015 Results

Previous years’ results

Swimmer/Club of the Year Points System

Men Race Date Race Name Ladies
Garda 2015 06-Jun Garda SC Ladies Garda 2015
Meath 2015 07-Jun Meath Masters Ladies Meath Masters 2015
Guinness 2015 13-Jun Guinness SC Ladies Guinness Race 2015
Glenalbyn 2015 14-Jun Glenalbyn Masters Ladies Glenalbyn Masters 2015
EasternBay 2015 20-Jun Eastern Bay Ladies EasternBay 2015
Templeogue 2015 21-Jun Templeogue SC Ladies Templeogue Race 2015
BobBushell 2015 27-Jun Bob Bushell Race Ladies Bob Bushell 2015
Wicklow Mid Summer 2015 28-Jun Wicklow Mid Summer Ladies Wicklow Mid Summer 2015
Special Olympics 2015 04-Jul Special Olympics Ladies Special Olympics 2015
EHeron 2015 05-Jul Eddie Heron Ladies Eddie Heron 2015
NAC Dub Docklands 2015 10-Jul Dublin Docklands Ladies NAC Dub Docklands 2015
SMcKenna 2015 11-Jul Siobhan McKenna Cup Ladies Siobhan McKenna Cup 2015
Dublin 2015 12-Jul Dublin SC Ladies Dublin Swim 2015
GDS Male 18-Jul Great Dublin Swim GDS Ladies
StVincents 2015 19-Jul Caulfield & Lynch Cups Ladies St Vincents 2015
Int Orphan Aid 2015 23-Jul Int Orphan Aid Ladies Int Orphan Aid 2015
Island 2015 25-Jul The Island
BNolan 2015 26-Jul Bobby Nolan Trophy Ladies Bobby Nolan 2015
CDuff 2015 01-Aug Cyril Duff Memorial Ladies Cyril Duff 2015
Wicklow Open 2015 02-Aug Wicklow Open Ladies Wicklow Open 2015
Phoenix 2015 03-Aug Phoenix SC Ladies Phoenix 2015
North Star 2015 08-Aug People with a Disability Ladies North Star 2015
Healy OKane 2015 09-Aug Healy O’Kane Races Ladies Healy OKane 2015
AerLingus 2015 15-Aug Aer Lingus Ladies AerLingus 2015
Wicklow 3k 2015 16-Aug Wendy Herbst 3k
DL Harbour 2015 23-Aug Harbour Race Ladies DL Harbour 2015
Lough Dan 2015 29-Aug Lough Dan 5k & 10k
Kilmartin Cup 2015 30-Aug Kilmartin Cup Ladies Kilmartin Cup 2015
ADunne 2015 05-Sep Arthur Dunne Memorial Ladies Arthur Dunne Memorial Swim 2015
Wexford 2015 06-Sep Wexford Masters Ladies Wexford Masters 2015
12-Sep Corrib Prom
JKavanagh 2015 13-Sep Jim Kavanagh & Plunkett McAllister Ladies Plunkett McAllister 2015
Liffey 2015 19-Sep Liffey Swim Ladies Liffey 2015